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Computer Robot

In our experience the most beneficial design is a hybrid combination of Keyword Driven, Modular, Library and Data Driven frameworks. Depending on your software needs and configuration the most popular frameworks that we implement are Robot and xFlex frameworks, which allows scalability, interoperability, re-usability and maintainability with minimal effort. Testing Framework allows data driven test scripts to gain full advantage of the powerful libraries and utilities that usually accompany a keyword driven architecture. The framework functions can make the data driven scripts more compact and less prone to failure. Our architects utilize tests in a fully scripted Hybrid Testing Framework thus increasing the automation of medium to large applications with long shelf life and large data sets. The frameworks are developed in mind of re-usability and ease-ability file modification for execution of scripts by business end user. We offer a front end customizable portal that is integrated with the framework logic for non technical users to execute the test scenarios suites with minimal effort.

High level overview of our approach

-Envisioning/Project Kick off/Application review

-Hybrid Automation Framework Plan

-Identifying integration end points

-Compile Design Documentation

-Configure the environments to the specifications

-Architecture of automation framework

-Development of automation framework

-Testing of automation framework

-Implementation of automation framework

-Training the end user of functions and features

-Maintainability and support


-Fully Integrated Functional & Reusable Hybrid Automation Framework

-Configured front End Portal for test execution

-Configurable data files for each action withing the framework

-Framework database for storing and calling test data for specified functions

-Metrics and Reporting functionality


Automation Services
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