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About Qtech

Our Mission

We strive to ensure our customers have a seamless transition to automation by working closely with our clients and providing the most efficient and cost effective solution to meet their needs. We provide innovative software, timely deliverables and a dedication to the client's solution.

Our People


We have a passion for what we do. All of our engineers are QA experts and with it, comes knowledge from a variety of industries. The founders of Qtech are US educated automation engineers that have a solid track record of successfully implementing and executing automated methodologies. What stands out about Qtech engineers, is our team work and knowledge sharing. We identify, discuss and overcome any challenges presented to our team. 

Our Organization



Qtech is a leading consulting and software quality assurance company, located in Baltimore, Maryland.

Have you ever worked with such a great group of people, that you thought to yourself: "Hey, we should work together and form our own company?" Well, that's how Qtech came to be. We realized that with the collective knowledge and drive from each team member combined, we would be able to out perform any large contractor; and we did and still do, to this day. 

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