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Consulting and Process Support


In this new age of constantly advancing and improving technologies, efficient, user friendly and re-usable software Automation process is more important than ever. We provide an innovative proven automation design.  Correctly designed  automation framework will save your organization a lot of time and money. Successful Automated design and execution will guarantee that the integrity of your software needs is integrated with your critical business systems.

Regardless of the size of your organization and capability maturity model of your IT department or lack of, Our consultants with excellent technical and communication skills will evaluate and determine the best automation methodology for your SDLC to establish the most efficient and cost effective process that best integrates with your business model.

We performed our work using a two-phase approach, beginning with discovery and assessment of the current situation and ending with recommendations for immediate situational relief which includes creation of a roadmap and quality process maturity enhancement. The test techniques are not dependent on a specific set of tools and do not acquire any type of testing organization on the clients part. 




We provide process support for the following methodologies and services

-Agile methodology

-Waterfall methodology

-Spiral methodology



-Automation solution/Strategy services

-Analysis, design, architecture and implementation services

-Business Requirements analysis and mapping Services

-Risk management Services

-Version control Service

-Process audit Services

-Software execution metrics and reporting

-Implementation support Services

-Post-production support Services


Consulting Services
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