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Security Camera Video Surveillance

New class of security vulnerabilities arise everyday where companies need to identify application security risks as soon as possible. Our security software experts will provide a critical insight regarding the software security design, coding and implementation.

Security testing methodology is developed through the entire SDLC process with the multiple stages to ensure early detection of future critical defects. Recent statistics reveal that as many as 80% of websites have vulnerabilities and new attacks specifically target the application layer in order to exploit these weaknesses and steal crucial financial and customer data. The cost of purchasing, maintaining, installing and hiring internal security experts can be costly. Our engineers will stabilize the cost by implementing a proven automated, cloud based software security services. Internal security experts are costly. We automate security using cloud based software services.

High level overview of our approach

-Vulnerability assessment 

-Source code analysis

-Cross site scripting

-SQL injections

-LDAP injections

-CRLF injections

-Penetration testing

-Malicious code

-Cyber security

-Cryptographic storage



Security Testing Services
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