Performance testing is the process of exercising the system under stress by feeding it with largest task it can operate with. Performance testing involves constantly increasing the load on a system via automated software tools to access and monitor the behavior under controlled conditions. Our engineers involve the process of simulating real-life and extreme testing conditions using heavy loads on the system to check for bottlenecks and establish a baseline for the system.



High level overview of our approach

-Identify architecture that will support the environment

-Develop Performance/Load framework scripting

-Identify and Report Response time under different load levels

-Identify and Report Load balancing

-Identify and Report any Bottlenecks

-Identify and Report any low Memory or CPU storage

-Identify and Report any issues with throughput, cookies or SSL

-Identify and Report any Authentication or singe sign on issues

-Identify and support of any abnormal Server activities

Performance Testing Services